A Love Letter To Elisa: You’re Six Months Old

Dear Elisa,

Happy (half) birthday!! Before I continue, I am sorry that I have fallen behind with your monthly updates. A lot of unexpected things and events took place lately and they were too much to handle. I will spare you the details but perhaps we can talk about this over tea and cakes when you are older?

Okay, back to your updates. The past 6 months just flew by so quickly! So much has changed. We have changed. You have changed!

You’re constantly learning and doing something new every other day. You surprise us with your progress. Even Dr Tan commented that you are well ahead in your development. You were able to sit on your own unassisted albeit a bit wobbly at times  when you were around 5 months. We also got you a cheapass Ikea high chair which I think was money well spent. You join us during our meal time now, sitting there and watch us eat. You will move your little mouth as we eat and occasionally, give us the dreary look of yours as though telling us to share our food with you. Sorry baby, soon okay?

Seeing that you shown keen interest in food, I started you on solid two weeks before you turned 6 months. Your first food was rice cereal. So boring right? Your expression when you first tasted food was gold! I have since let you try apple, prune and carrot puree. As much as you love to eat, you love to play with them. You have found that it is actually quite fun to blow bubbles with food in your mouth! And you did it right in my face!! Hmmph!

You began to teeth when you were around 4.5 months.You were cranky, drooly, refused to sleep and everything that is written in the book. It was tough! After a long and uncomfortable 1.5 months, your bottom two teeth finally cut through. Now you look even more adorable when you smile 🙂

Your hand coordination is very good now. You grab your toys and everything within reach without fail. You started to have a liking towards touching people’s face and hair. I love it when you stroke my face with your tiny hands. I love it when you play with my hair although it always ended up with you pulling my hair!

You are super social. You will take a few seconds to read a person and then, you will start to smile and play with them like you already knew them. You are totally cool with strangers (i.e not your mummy and papa) carrying you. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but it is for sure a damn good thing when it’s during meal time. It means we can eat in peace! 🙂

I was looking back at the hundreds of photos of you a few months ago and then now, a squirmish wriggly baby, I get (very) weepy. And it hit me that I have very little time left to enjoy your babyness. As much as I want you to stay little, I am looking foward to see what next month brings. So keep growing, little lady! Mummy is so proud of you already!

2014-01-06 12.32.13


p/s: my laptop went bonkers, that’s why I took so long to post this letter.


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