A Love Letter To Elisa: You’re Four Months Old

Dear Elisa,

You are four months old now and you are growing so much so quickly. You’ve had a busy month, hitting so many new milestones that an average four month old does.

This past month, you have begun to do new things and I am so proud of your accomplishments! You grab anything and everything in reach now, and they always end up in your mouth. There were a few occasions when you yank a few strands of my hair off. Baby, mummy’s hair is dropping and you are not helping by pulling my already thinning hair!!

You love gnawing on your fingers, all fingers! Looking at the way things are going now, I won’t be surprise if one day, you’ll stuff your whole fist into your mouth. That will be so fun to watch.

You have started to roll over from back to your tummy but your hands always get stuck. You will try your best to get it out and when you can’t, you will cry for help. However, there were a few times you did it in one swift movement. Needless to say, we were so very proud of you! Oh, did I tell you, you will only roll over when you wanted to?  Not when your parents wanted you to! This rolling over episode can be a pain during bedtime. You will sometimes roll over when you are asleep and yelled for help if you are stuck. By the time we come to your rescue, you are already awake and we have to put you to sleep AGAIN.

Sleeping time is less dramatic now. It took me four long months to learn to read your cues and we have started you on a sleeping routine. So far, it has been going on well. Baby, I wonder when will you sleep through the night? I am still waiting for this day!

Now, you smile and grin all the time, to everybody and anybody. It doesn’t take a lot to set you off, all we need is a mirror and you will flash a big toothless grin when you see you own reflection. This is also the fastest way to make you stop crying! You love it when we blow raspberries in your belly and in return, you will give us an endearing laughter. It is so addicting to hear your giggles. 

This month you went through a nursing strike. It was tough getting you to nurse but thank God, it only lasted for two days! Nursing is now a breeze, only if I feed you exactly on time. You are nursing every 3 hours. If I try to feed you before the time is up, you won’t take any however hard I try. You definitely have a mind of your own.

Few weeks back, papa brought you to the pool and you had your first swim…first dip to be exact. You did great, no wailing or anything. You were unsure in the beginning, but after a few dips, you became so comfortable in the water, kicking and having a ball.

So, here’s to month number four. At this stage, you are starting to get a whole lot of fun. Please continue to bring joy into our lives. We love you so very much.




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