Elisa Went Swimming

We have been toying with the idea of introducing swimming to Elisa for the longest time. But the weather was the main reason why we didn’t do it earlier.

Yesterday, the weather was mighty fine with glorious sun in the afternoon and since the hubs was not working, we brought her for a swim…her first swim! In her shocking pink flamingo swimsuit 🙂



Did she enjoy it? Oh YES, very much! She was very comfortable in the water, she didn’t flinch a bit. And she kept flashing us her signature gummy smiles 😀


Do we have a water baby? Probably!

Now that we have successfully introduce swimming to her, we will try to let her swim on her own. C, if you are reading this, it’s time to get her a neck float. Fingers crossed she loves it!



I can’t wait to get into the pool with her. I need to lose some fats. Pronto!


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