travels: da nang revisited

This is a backdated travel post.

The minute I cleared my first trimester, we hopped on the plane and off we went to Danang, our favourite place in Vietnam. We’ve been there once and loved it, so we decided to go back again. We went there early this year and the thing about going north at that time of the year is the weather. The temperature hovered around low 20s and with lots of, yes you guess it, rain! Cold weather, rain and beach don’t go together!


Because of the weather, we hardly use the pool. Most days were spent relaxing on the sunbed or the club lounge. There were a couple of days we were greeted with sun but it’s still not strong enough to warm up the pool. And the sea? Brrrr…

550112_10200495880585321_952601463_nThe water is just too cold! 

To add a bit of misfortune to our trip, the hubs was down with food poisoning and had fever on our first day. We suspect it was the Indian food he ate in Singapore prior to our trip (It has been months already and he still shunned the Indian stall). He slept through it and the next day he was up on his feet again.

598726_10200495878625272_460179740_nPeople watching in Hoi An

We took it easy that trip. We didn’t have any itinerary to follow, when we feel like going to Hoi An, we just hopped in a cab. If we don’t feel like doing anything, we just cuddle in the room, hang around the pool area or go for a walk on the beach. It was relaxing.

419621_10200495884105409_1220593534_nBaby bumping



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