A Love Letter To Elisa: You’re Three Months Old

Dear Elisa,

Today you are three months old and I think I am starting to get a hang of you. You are doing wonderfully well, weighing at 7.9 kg. I was afraid you are not getting enough of sustenance as you only nurse for 5-10 minutes per feeding. But looks like I’m worrying to much! Oh well, that’s what motherhood does to me.

You are one little chatterbox. Always calling out for people to talk to you. There are nothing more enjoyable than talking to you. You will use your sweet smiles, your “goos” and “gaahs” to communicate with us as if we are in a conversation. It’s really the cutest thing.

Now that you are more alert, you get distracted easily during feeds. You will wriggle around when I’m nursing you. Sometimes you will stop and smile at me. Sometimes you will strike a conversation with me forgetting that you have a mouthful of milk! You always make me laugh.

You took your first flight to Penang  two weeks ago and you were so good. I was expecting a cranky you, but you did well. You slept throughout the flight. You met great grandma for the first time and boy, was she happy to finally meet you. You also meet the rest of the family members who have been so eager to see you. They were so generous in the love they shower upon you.

You love car ride but there are moments when you want to be out of the seat especially when the car is stationary. The minute the car moves, you will be all chill until it stops again. We pretty much go everywhere together and you do well being out and about.

You still nap for the majority of day but it still isn’t a routine for you yet. Sometimes you’ll go 2 hours and sometimes it’s only 30 minutes. You still wake up about once a night, sometimes twice but you eat and go right back to sleep.  I am not complaining. I don’t mind a bit!

Baby, it’s a privilege to have you in our lives and to watch you grow.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be your parents. You have stretched our hearts to make room for you. We love you baby. To the moon and back.




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