And We’re Back…


The hubs will be away in Abu Dhabi for five days so we decided to bring baby back to Penang. I don’t think I can manage on my own for that five days without the hubs. And he prefers us to be with my family, at least he knows for sure we will be well taken care of.


My mum extended her stay while she was in Singapore for my birthday. So I had my mum with me during the flight. I was expecting the worst as this is the first time I’m travelling with Elisa. However, the flight was pretty much smooth. She was sleeping before we boarded the plane so that makes things much easier. She nursed quietly during take off and slept throughout until we reached Penang. Even the bumpy landing did not wake her up! Yay!! Time to plan for a longer holiday perhaps?


The first thing we did when we touched down in Penang was of course to bring Elisa to meet her great grandma. My mama was all smiles to finally meet her great granddaughter. Her face radiated with happiness! It was such a joyous moment.




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