Elisa’s Birth Story Part II

2 pm – Dr Khoo came and did a VE on me. I was 2 cm dilated. The nurse then put me on oxytocin drip to hasten the contractions.

3 pm – The contractions increased in frequency. As I was on epidural, I couldn’t feel a thing.

4.30 pm – Another VE performed and this time I was 6 cm dilated. According to the hubs, he said there were a few strong contractions based on the chart. He kept checking with me if I feel anything. Nope, not a pinch!

5 pm – The fetal heart monitor gave out an alarm. At first I thought it was the IV drip alarm (most will sound an alarm if the bag runs dry) but the alarm sounds different and it sounded quite serious. The nurse rushed in (with a bit of drama) and checked on the monitor. She told us the baby’s heartbeat has dropped to 100s but there’s nothing to be worried about. It is due to the oxytocin. They just have to reduce the dosage and everything will be ok. The nurse was very reassuring. But despite her reassurance, I was still worried. Immediately baby’s heartbeat went back to normal.

7 pm – Dr Khoo came and did a VE. I was 9 cm dilated! He told me most probably by 11 pm the baby will be out. And they going to cut down the epidural so that I could feel the contractions and have the sensation to push.
In the meantime, I was chatting with the Em. They are making their way to the hospital to welcome the arrival of the baby!

7.05 pm – Immediately after they cut down the epidural, I could feel pain in my left butt. Damn pain.

7.20 pm – The friends (aka support team) arrived. The hubs went to meet them for dinner. I was left alone to battle with the contractions. Breathe in, breathe out.

8pm – The midwife came and checked on me. Still 9 cm but I was fully effaced. She said the baby is ready! I quickly messaged the hubs and asked him to make his way up. The midwife got everything ready quickly.

8.15 pm – Dr Khoo came and checked on me. We are on the right track. Baby’s head is crowning. He asked the hubs to take a look but he dare not. Haha. After much persuasion from me and the doc, he relented. “I can see baby’s hair!” said the ecstatic hubs. Dr Khoo left as he was performing another delivery at the next room.

8.25 pm – The midwife came and instructed me to start pushing. She taught me how to do it (Take a deep breath, hold it, start pushing when the contractions occurred and count to ten). She said just imagine you are going to take the biggest poo in your life! I was afraid I’ll actually poo midway. Haha. She propped my legs up, told me to hold on to the handrail and PUSH!

8.30 pm – Dr Khoo arrived and it’s showtime. He and a midwife stood beside me with my feet against their hip. The midwife instructed me to push when the contractions occurred…Ok, take a deep breathe and PUSHHHHHHHHH. My push can barely last until ten. The contractions were rapid, I barely had time to catch a breath before the next one hit.
Dr Khoo said my push was not sustainable and they called for another doctor.
She came and positioned herself beside me standing on a stool. She’s actually there to assist in my push.
Take a deep breathe and PUSHHHHHHH!!! Whilst I was pushing, the lady doctor was pushing my stomach (just imagine performing CPR on my tummy) DON’T SCREAM! PUSHHH! ONE TWO THREE…!! It was quite chaotic. At one point, I turned to the hubs and told him “It’s very noisy!!” According to the hubs, he said the whole situation was rough.
The hubs held my hand tight and whispered words of encouragement. You are doing great! Baby’s head is coming out!
An episiotomy was performed. I was in so much pain I couldn’t feel a thing. 

8.50 pm – As my push was not continuous, suction was applied. According to the hubs, my consent was asked but I couldn’t remember a single thing. The hubs gave the go ahead. One more push, the baby’s head was out. Another push, the baby’s shoulder was out and her whole body slide out. This is the best feeling ever! She let out a thundering wail and she peed. The hubs cut the cord. Dr Khoo held the baby up and showed her to me. I did not have the urge to cry. All I could think of is What a relief. It’s all over!
She was brought to the warmer and the midwife measured her weight and height. “3.96! Wow..the baby is 3.96!” exclaimed the midwife.
After they clean her up, she was brought to me while Dr Khoo sewed me up. This was then that a sense of surreality kicked in. I HAVE A BABY! Tears started flowing as I held her in my arms. Hello baby, this is mummy. I love you very much.
We took some photos and let baby latch on. But it wasn’t successful. Then they brought baby to the nursery, the hubs went along.

The midwife cleaned me up, let me change into a clean robe and got me some biscuits and Milo while waiting to be transferred to the ward. I finally got to the ward around 10ish to be greeted by the gang or support team as they called themselves. We asked for the baby to be brought to the room and lots of photo taking ensued. They left around 11ish. We enjoyed some quality time as a new family of three before baby being wheeled back to the nursery. The hubs washed up and plonk himself on the sofa bed. I drifted off to sleep. Finally, the 18 hours of labour has ended. It will be a whole new experience from this day onward.

I will never forget the moment Dr Khoo held her high up and showed her to me, her tiny body against mine and the happiness on the hubs face as he held baby for the first time. I am grateful to have my support team who stayed until so late and also for keeping my bed warm! I am glad I followed the nurse advise in getting the epidural early as I don’t think I will have the strength to push after in pain for so many hours. To those who go through labour without epidural, hats off to you!!




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