A Love Letter To Elisa: You’re Two Months Old

Dear Elisa,

It has been two months since you popped into our lives. You continued to wow us in every possible way. You’re becoming much more alert now. I love watching you when you take in your surroundings. You’ll have a serious look on your face as though you are trying hard to process what you’ve learnt or maybe you are just thinking about life. Haha. You are much more interactive now, you have started “talking” to us and we love responding to you.

You have been generous with your smiles. You showered us with lots of them the past few weeks and you make our heart skip a beat every time you smiled at us. At about 6 weeks, while papa was carrying you, you gave him a big smile and he nearly melted on the floor. He couldn’t stop laughing to himself after that. You have him wrapped around your little fingers.  And just the other day, you gave me three wide grin (one up than your papa). Needless to say, your mama here was all sloppy.

You are a fiesty girl. When you are unhappy with certain things, you sure let us know. You still hate tummy time, you can stay no longer than 5 minutes. But you are slowly getting better at it, you can hold your head high up for a longer period of time and if you’re in the mood, you’ll give me a proud grin. We are so proud of ya!

You are a chubby baby and carrying you, is a workout on its own! People are always commenting on your chubby cheeks and your Michelin limbs. Please stay this way darling!

We enjoy sharing with others the joy we feel because of you. You brought us and everyone around you so much happiness. Watching you grow everyday is a blessing and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Happy second month, dearie! Please don’t grow so fast!


two months


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