I Got Punk’d

How it started…

So we went to airport for dinner the other night. After dinner, the hubs suggested to take a walk to Terminal 1 (we were at Terminal 3). But the missus here was not very keen. I was dead tired. He then suggested coffee at Starbucks T1. Nope, not keen. And why do we need to go over to T1 when there’s one in T3?

Out of a sudden he said he needs to meet our friend (his colleague) in T1 to get a file from him which he needs for his meeting the next day. I budged but not very pleased. I was giving him sticks throughout! To cut the story short, while waiting for his friend, I saw my brother walking out from the arrival hall. I was surprised to see him. I thought, Ehhh, what a coincidence? We aren’t waiting for him, we are waiting for our friend!! I rushed over to him and asked
him what on earth is he doing here? He told me he’s on transit! And I actually believed him!! I still think we are waiting for our friend!!! *slaps forehead* Oh yeah, if you happened to see a mad lady running with a stroller in the airport, that’s me!

The hubs burst into laughter and it took me quite a while to digest it. My brother is actually here to surprise me and celebrate my birthday. I was told they had this planned even before Elisa was born! My family (father, mother and the whole jing gang) knew except me. Even my MIL knew! Crap! I was kept in the dark for months!! To our friend, sorry for making you a scapegoat. You almost got yourself scolded for nothing 😛

Thank you for coming all the way from Melbourne, Kor!! T’was a good surprise!





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