The Hubs Knows Best

The hubs knows me the best. He knows how to make me feel normal again or rather he knows what will make me feel normal. Not that I am abnormal (hah!) but now that Elisa is here, everything I do revolves around her. Taking a dump has to be chop chop, let alone cooking and baking.

A while back, the hubs has been telling me he wanted to eat cake and asked me to bake him one. And he even volunteered to bring out the KitchenAid (which was kept during confinement). I find it strange, he never, NEVER ask me to bake him a cake before, with the exception, during his birthday (which I think I ended up buying him one).

While my mum was here few weekends back, the hubs asked for a cake again. I thought, since my mum is here, I should make full use of the extra pair of hands. The hubs was really helpful; he cleared the kitchen top, stowed the slow cooker and brought out the KitchenAid, short of getting the ingredients ready for me!

He then told me the reason behind his ‘odd’ request. Having a cake is secondary. The main reason is he knows how much I longed for to be in the kitchen and he doesn’t want me to stop doing things I love just because baby is here. He knows getting me to start baking again will make me feel normal. Because of his thoughtfulness he got himself a carrot walnut cake with cream cheese frosting πŸ™‚




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