A Love Letter To Elisa: You’re One Month Old

Dear Elisa,

This will be the very first letter I am writing to you. Today you are one month and four days old! I simply cannot believe that it’s been a month already. What a wonderful one month it has been. You came into our lives and somehow make our lives more complete. I didn’t know what love at first sight was until I saw you. I have never fallen so madly in love with anyone as I was with you…not even your papa! The moment the doctor put your body on my chest, I do not want to let go. I want to hold and cuddle you for the rest of my life.

You made your presence felt the minute you came into this world; everyone knows you have a good set of lungs! You did well in your first ‘test’ – your APGAR score was 9. You are a big baby, weighing 3.96kg at birth. You never get a chance to wear your newborn clothes and you are starting to outgrow those 0-3 months’ onesies.

These past four weeks have been a challenge especially the jaundice and your gassy tummy episode. Although it was trying moments, it was an enriching one as well. Your papa and I have learned so much in such a short period time. You taught us especially your mother, me, how to be strong. You have turned me into a complete emotional mess, not that I am not one but you make it worse!

Just like your papa, you will get angry when you are hungry. You will go into a full blown scream with little warning and the minute I shove my breast into your face, you are all quiet and busy suckling away. You impatient little girl! You nurse every 2 hours now, sometimes 3. Just when I thought, I had you figured out, you changes things around. For instance, you woke up every hour last night for feeds and after the 4am feed, you refused to go back to sleep!

There are many things I love about you at this infancy period. I love to plant kisses on your chubby little cheeks. I love the look on your face when you scan your surroundings with your eyes wide open. I love the expression you make when you poo, you will make a little ‘o’ with your mouth. I love to watch you sleep, sometimes you will smile and cry in your sleep…I always wonder what you’re dreaming of. I love those swallowing sound you make when you are suckling away. I love the little sighs you make when you try to sneeze but fail. I love the drunken milk face of yours. I love your falling asleep face when you struggle to keep your eyes open. I love when you lie on my chest after your feed, contented and sleeping soundly. There are just so many things I adore about you. I could go on and on.

One of my favourite things has been watching you and your papa together, it makes my heart sinks. He loves you so much and tells you all the time. He asks about you all day long when he’s at work – “Where’s baby?”, “What is baby doing?” He calls you dearie. He loves holding you, talking to you and singing to you. You love to be in papa’s arms, you always fall asleep when he holds you. I know you will always adore him, what a lucky girl you are to have him as your papa.

You’re a strong baby, you can turn your head from side to side at 2 weeks old. You can lift your head up now. You gave me a scare the other day when you pushed yourself up so high (just imagine you doing push up) before plonking down on my chest. You love to stretch, that’s why you never like being swaddled. You don’t like to be burped, you will always grunt in frustration.

You have had lots of visitors. You have won everyone over with your cuteness. Your por por will be coming again this weekend, see how precious you are to her, this will be her fourth visit. You are definitely one much loved little girl!

This one month is truly remarkable and we are thankful that you are here with us. There isn’t a day that goes by where I (we) don’t love you.

You will always be our baby.





One thought on “A Love Letter To Elisa: You’re One Month Old

  1. monzgoon

    Voice of Love

    This is the voice of Love. They are simple, clear, truly & expressively written. I’ve been following the growth of our little sweetie Elisa daily. What you’ve said here is truly the feeling of everyone close to her. For you, new mama & papa, The bonding and loving attachment with this little fella is just beyond words. And the love you shown here is AAR…… speechless!

    Chris was always saying something close to her ears when he’s holding her and he has been enjoying every moment of carrying her, changing her nappies, bathe her in the morning , cleanse her in the evening, and patiently burp her after her feeds. I didn’t realize those little action, those lovely expressions on her little face could give you such a heart deep feeling.

    We keep going through her photos over & over again everyday & trying to choose the funniest & lovelier ones to hang up in our study room. Her smile, her expressive reaction, they are just like sunshine coming through the windows & lighted up our life. How could we not to love her that much when you look at her expressive pictures, I wonder!  – Popo


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