Growing A Human: Third Trimester

As I’m writing this, I am already into my 37th week. We are in the home stretch now and totally unprepared. Baby, stay in there longer okay?
Yes, I know right?! This pregnancy has gone by faster than the speed of light! Holy cow!!

The third trimester has been pretty good so far but it gets more and more uncomfortable as the weeks progressed. To date, I have gained almost 20 kg. I’m about the same weight as the hubs, if not slightly heavier. Yikes! And I can see/feel my whole body is covered with cellulite. Double yikes!! Baby, what have you done to me?! 😦

As much as I am enjoying this third trimester, there are three pregnancy woes that are quite a challenge.

1. I have a huge bump and I have friends asking if I am carrying twins. No, I’m not…I just have a gigantic baby 🙂  The baby bump is taking a toll on my back. The pain is constant and sometimes, it gets real bad in the middle of the night, I’ll wake up and get into child’s pose or cat cow pose to alleviate the pain. It does gives me instant gratification 😀
On a funnier side, there were a few occasions whereby I underestimated the size of my bump. I thought I could squeeze past the cars or could reach for the bottle only to be blocked by the bump. On these few occasions, I caught strangers laughing at me! I’m not mad at them, even me myself find it amusing. Hehe.

2.  I’ve been experiencing pelvic pain since the beginning of the third trimester. Sometimes the pain is so severe as though someone whacked me with full force at my pubic area 😮 To me, this is the mother of all pains. It has been giving me sleepless nights. I can’t do all these actions – turning over in bed, getting in and out of bed, getting dressed (putting on bottoms), raising my legs, in a swift moment. Now it takesssss time and it is a pain! It’s even a struggle to walk at a fast pace and I can’t get out of the car without looking like a fool!

3. I have to pee A L L  T H E  T I M E. This is very annoying. Just imagine having to visit the loo every few minutes and the worst is during the night. I try not to drink so much prior to bedtime and I also pee 2-3 times before sleeping desperately hoping that I can sleep through but that never happens 😦

I won’t say this third trimester is all bad, the baby is kinda nice to me too. Though I look pudgy, my shoes and my wedding ring still fits. No swollen feet. Yay!!
Minor leg cramps. It happens maybe once or twice and it’s nothing serious. Here’s a tip for you. Try not to stretch your legs while sleeping. If you really need to, stretch with a flexed feet. And if you feel a slight cramp, quickly flexed your feet! It always works for me! 🙂

It seems like I am complaining a lot. But seriously, I am enjoying the moment now especially when she starts dancing. It’s kinda ticklish at times but I know she is having a ball inside. As long as baby is happy, mummy is happy too 🙂
The hubs and I try to spend more time together and throw in a few nice meals during the weekend for we know, all these will be a distant memory when the baby arrives. We can’t wait to meet her! 



33 weeks at Treetop Lofts, RWS


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