It’s Quiet Here

Sorry for the blog silence. We were without internet connection for the past couple of weeks. Now that the connection is back on, I can finally blog again!

During my absence in blogosphere, I was busy clearing the house and getting the nursery ready for the lil’ bub. Now I have to admit I am a biiit of a hoarder (which I have been denying all this while). There were so much rubbish that I have collected over the years! Gosh!

The guest room cum study is done. The loft bed is up, the study table, shelf and sofa bed are in place. We had a few friends over one weekend to help with putting up the bed and moving the furniture. A big thank you to you and you and you! 🙂

What left to do now is the nursery. It’s almost done, just need to finish it off with some decors and it will be ready for its first occupant 🙂

p/s: this bed has been with us for close to 9 years.
looking at it brings back so many wonderful memories 🙂


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