Growing A Human: Karate Chops

I think I first felt the baby’s movement at 16 weeks. I can’t say it’s a definite movement, I felt some ‘maybes’. They are so rare and so subtle, hence the is it or is it not? As the pregnancy progressed, I began to feel the odd flutter, it feels like butterflies in my stomach. Then on one particular evening at 17 weeks, while waiting for the hubs to come home from badminton, I suddenly felt three strong jabs inside my tummy. I was thrilled, the feeling was amazing. Immediately I texted the hubs “Baby kicked me!!!!!”. After those three jabs, the lil’ tenant decided to play it cool and it wasn’t until much later that I felt proper kicks again.

As the weeks went by, the baby’s movements became more and more prominent and the hubs has been able to feel her move. She is at her most active early in the morning and at night. The hubs will talk to her aka my belly and she seems to know it. She will kick and punch every time she hears the hubs voice. And a wide grin will form on the hubs face. It is such a sweet moment to see them bond πŸ™‚

There were a few times I went into panic mode, I couldn’t feel the baby’s movement at all!! I consulted Dr Google and I found out that it is normal not to be able to feel the baby for a day or two. This is because the baby is so tiny, they tend to move about a lot and it’s normal not to feel regular movements. Phew! So, mothers-to-be, do not scare yourself unnecessarily!

Lately, I have been feeling these occasional flutter of faint rhythmic tics. They felt like heartbeat. I was thinking could it be mine or the baby’s? Yes, I know I am silly. How can we feel baby’s heartbeat when they are protected by amniotic fluid? Later on, I found out that the so called heartbeat is actually baby’s hiccups! *face palms*

As she is getting bigger, her acrobatic tumbles are lesser as her formerly spacious apartment has become a cramped studio. She wriggles more often now with a few jabs of elbows and knees thrown in. Sometimes it’s so hard, you can see my whole belly wobble. Haha πŸ˜€

I often found myself asking, how can it be that I have a human growing inside me? It feels so surreal but every time she moves, it’s becoming so much more real. I am really growing a human!! πŸ™‚

I LOVE every second of it!


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