Mother’s Day Potluck

It started off  with a conversation about pizza and it led us to this.
It’s been a while since we last gathered and this occasion gave us enough reason to do just that 🙂

I know from past experiences that we will definitely have a lot of leftovers. I hate wasting food and we always, always have to resort to games in order to finish off everything and most of the time, we were always full to the brim. So, me, just like a broken the record have to keep reminding everyone not to bring so much food and I would say, we did well this time 🙂 No wastage! Yay!


How time has changed. Just one or two years back, our gatherings were only adults. And now, we have three kiddos in tow with three more on the way!! Happy times ahead! Or does it spells disaster? 😮 Hehe



Love this picture albeit a bit blurry.
Caught in the act. Em, I seriously don’t know what your daughter just did to Baby M. 😀





Next up, Father’s Day potluck. Anyone?? We need more gatherings like this before our lives go topsy-turvy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Potluck

    1. e Post author

      Yeah, hopefully will have another one or two! Hmmm…baby shower sounds like a great idea! 😉


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