Growing A Human: Having My Wings Clipped

As many of you know or might not know, SIA stewardesses have to quit if they are pregnant and I fall into this category. So after 8 1/2 years, on 20.12.12, I finally bade farewell to the friendly and sometimes unfriendly skies. It’s not a tough decision to make (not that I have a choice) and it’s something I have been looking forward to. After so many years, nothing excites me anymore. Been there, seen that, done that.

I had some wonderful 8 1/2 years with the company. This job can be quite exciting at times that a normal desk bound job can never offer. The first few years of flying were the happiest. I had the opportunity to travel the world without paying a penny and was even paid for that, they put us up in 5 stars hotel (which they don’t anymore), I get to experience different cultures and I had a lifestyle that many people yearns. And the pay was good then 🙂

After a few years, the novelty of flying wears thin and it got more and more tiring. Gone were those days when we can survive on minimal sleep and still go out the whole day after a Singapore – London flight. Now, I’d rather catch up on my beauty sleep whenever I get a chance. Sometimes, flying felt like a chore, I have to drag myself to work. This is especially true during festive seasons when you wish you were there with your family instead of being miles away. And to be always being away from the hubs, was a pain. It took a toll on us but lucky for us, we braved through the storm and all is well now.

These 8 1/2 years also opened up my vision, I’ve seen a lot of ugly people, personality wise. They can make or break your flight. They are either bitchy, crazy or lazy. Well, the good thing about this job is that you don’t have to see their freaking faces everyday and the chances of you having to work with those a**holes again are pretty slim. And lucky (or unlucky) me, I do look fierce or maybe because of my big built, I have not being terrorized before. Yes, they can be quite terrorizing! The other ugly people are non other than some P.I.T.A passenger. There are some nice ones, no doubt. But you just need only one a**hole to ruin your day. Sometimes I do not get it why those people can be so harsh, rude, arrogant and some are just blatantly disrespectful. Hello, we are not your slaves!! I wonder do they take comfort in bullying the crew? Or does it make them feel superior by doing so? You will think that passengers travelling in the upper class are nice and well mannered? Well, think again! I am glad I do not have to put up with these people anymore. Phew!

So, after being grounded for almost six months, do I miss flying at all? Nope, not the working part. However, at times I do miss the travelling and shopping that comes with it 🙂

I am happy with where I am right now and I do not see myself donning the kebaya again in the near future (for work but I will use the kebaya as a yardstick to my pre pregnancy body :P). All I can say now is, I am contented and looking forward to my role as a mother. I am pretty sure it will be 100 times more fulfilling than flying 😀


I do not have any decent photo of me in a kebaya. This is the only one I can find, taken during our pre-wedding photoshoot.


4 thoughts on “Growing A Human: Having My Wings Clipped

  1. carrotoh

    I didn’t know that you have to quit when you are preggie. I used to want to be an air stewardess but I am a shy person and refused to go for the interview which I heard can be quite scary. haha. My life would be very different from now if I became one. heee, I am sure being a mother is more fulfilling than anything in the world.

    1. e Post author

      We are allowed to fly up to the first trimester but many of us will not take the risk as it’s quite tough up there.
      I am a shy person too. Hehe. This job changed me as a person and I wonder how my life would be if I did not join SQ.

  2. Lady J

    Yeah, I didn’t know that you have to quit either. I thought the company will allow you to take a sabbatical. Nevertheless, I’m sure you have fond memories of your flying days.

    Now, on to motherhood! 🙂

    1. e Post author

      They used to let us work on ground but that was many many years ago. We are still allowed to return and continue from where we left. This is subject to interview but the main criteria is of course if we maintain our figure :p


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