Growing A Human: Second Trimester

What?? Six months already? 


1. Morning Sickness. I was told that when I hit the second trimester, I will be back to normal, as in pre pregnancy stage (and it will come back during the third trimester! Seriously?! Please, please don’t!!). True enough, the moment I hit the second trimester, I felt so energized and the fatigue and nauseousness has gone. And also gone is my breakfast, nap, lunch, tea, nap, dinner, supper, sleep routine. No more feeling like a sloth! Now, pregnancy is such a breeze 🙂

2. Eat. When it comes to food, I am very easy; I am not a fussy eater. So when I was told that I have to avoid certain food for these nine months, it’s totally fine by me. But once in a while, I tend to be disobedient. When that happens, I will tell myself “It’s okay to eat but in moderation” So yeah, eat in moderation is my mantra!

3. Cooking. Lots of them. One of the things I miss during the first trimester is to be able to cook or bake. So I am taking advantage of this “normal” period to do what I love most (as much as possible) just in case I am back to become a sloth when the third trimester comes.

4. Weight gain. As of last Saturday (4/5), I have gained 15kg!!!! Great!!!! 😯

5. Exercise. Prenatal yoga and gym. It feels good to be able to exercise again and yoga gives me much needed relief to my constant back pain.

6. Backache. I can’t run away from you, can I? Upper back, lower back, basically my whole back aches. And my friggin’ tail bone is really a pain in the butt, literally! I had this pain even before I got pregnant and it’s getting worse now. I know there will be more in store for me as the bump gets bigger!! Sigh! 😦

7. Stretch marks. Yes on the buttocks and hips. I am now using Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. I used it to massage the bump, hips and thighs every night. Some say that it will not help but whether it helps or not, it is a good way to relax every night before bedtime.

8. Belly button in or out? Half in, half out. Hahaha 😀

9. Emotions. I think I am much better as compared to the first trimester. I still have mood swings (yes it’s still you, hormones!) but it’s not as bad as before. I think I managed to control it pretty well 🙂

10. Hot or cold? This pregnancy makes me feel hot all the time and the hot weather is driving me crazy! I shower at least 4 times a day, it keeps me fresh but after a while, I’m sweating buckets again. Pfft. So, I’ve resorted to minimal clothing at home (sorry too much information)

I’m enjoying every bit of it now, hope it stays this way throughout!

♥ Have a lovely week ahead ♥


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