Growing A Human: The First Three Months

1. Morning sickness. No hugging of toilet bowl or burying my head in a plastic bag, only nauseousness. I was nauseous practically every day, from the moment I wake up, even before I open my eyes until the moment I fall asleep. I’ve heard horror stories from friends and relatives about their morning sickness experience. C’s aunt who had three kids, puked from the very first month up to the moment she delivered and it happened for all her three kids!! So, I consider myself very lucky!

2. Sleep. Lots of it and lots of afternoon naps. I think this is common among pregnant women. I was tired 24/7. Breakfast, nap, lunch, tea, nap, dinner, supper, sleep and this continued for the next few months. I really look up to those pregnant working mum. How can they cope??

3. Bloating. Hello freaking gas aka burping aka farting!  I burped and farted so much that it has became a norm. The husband has gotten used to my one of a kind orchestra 🙂

4. Eat. Basically what I did besides sleep. The last thing on my mind was to go on a diet. Of course I did not go all out when it comes to eating, I know that being pregnant is not a license to go overboard! 🙂

5. Cravings. No major or weird cravings but I’m up for anything fatty, sweet and cheesy…which I don’t remember me liking so much before I was pregnant. I get thirsty easily and I craved for the thirst quenching feeling. Only beer and fizzy drinks give me that “Aaahhhhh” feeling. Since no alcohol is allowed, so have to make do with sparkling water. I tried to stay off soft drinks but once in a while, I will give myself a treat 😉

6. Food Aversion. Coriander!! I used to love coriander but now, I can’t even look at it without making me sick!

7. Cooking. The only major cooking I did was during X’mas, I was in the kitchen the whole day. And I needed the next few days to recuperate! Besides that, it was just some simple home-cooked food for dinner.

8. Weight gain. Steadily but scarily! It’s normal to have weight gain during pregnancy but when you see digits on the weighing scale keeps going up, you get kinda stress. And when you shorts doesn’t fit anymore? Even more stress!!

9. Emotions. I was an emotional mess. I would cry at about anything. And don’t even get me started on my mood swing. Damn you hormones! You have turned me into a freak!!!

10. Exercise. Minimal. I have stopped going to the gym ever since I found out I was pregnant. The only exercise I did was after dinner walks with the hubs but that depends very much on my energy level on that day. And swim.

Although the first trimester was tough, I am grateful that this is happening…a human growing inside of me! This is pretty much it, a summary of my first trimester 🙂

Have a great weekend! ♥♥


5 thoughts on “Growing A Human: The First Three Months

  1. Gimmeamuffin

    Congratulations to you and your partner!!!! Hang in there! The second and third trimesters are usually better and you can even plan for a baby moon then!

  2. e Post author

    Thank you!! I’m hanging on. I’m actually in my second trimester going to third soon 🙂
    It’s blazing fast!!


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