New Directions

Gosh, the last post was dated back in November!! Sorry for the severe lack of posting guys! I know it’s been a while. There are times when I want to blog but I can’t seem to get myself to sit in front of the computer. It’s not that I have been super busy, I actually have a lot of time on hand. Oh well, now that I am back, I have a piece of news to share.

A few months ago, my life or should I say our lives took a big and exciting turn, a turn we were not expecting. The two lines on the pregnancy kit knocked us off our feet, hard. There were a lot of emotions running at that time. A lot of questions popped up. We kept asking ourselves “Are we ready?”, “Can we cope?”, “What if?”. Then we realized we can only ask that many questions but in reality, no one, no one is ever prepared for what the future may hold. You don’t have a manual to refer to but to trust your gut feelings! And it’s too late to make a U-turn anyway!



*baby bump…with the help of a big breakfast :D*

So here we are, inching our way into parenthood. From two become three. So nervous. So thankful. So excited. To the big man above, thank you for this huge and precious gift!!


4 thoughts on “New Directions

    1. e Post author

      Thank you! There are so many unknowns ahead of us! Fingers crossed we can be great parents 🙂
      I did have a big breakfast before that! So not sure if it’s baby bump or breakfast bump 😛

    1. e Post author

      Thank you!! I’m glad to be back as well, hopefully I won’t go MIA again once the little one is here! 🙂


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