{Auckland} The White Lady

The White Lady only comes out to play at night. The playground? Commerce Street at downtown Auckland. Just in case you are wondering, The White Lady is not a ghost but a mobile burger truck that has been frying up for night owls especially late night boozers since the 50s.
20121107-233455 It was late when we arrived into Auckland and the colleague suggested The White Lady for supper. Normally I try to stay away from heavy supper but it was just ‘one of those nights’ night when you just want to dig in to something greasy and heck care about getting fat!! Boy was I glad I met The White Lady…I was asking myself “What took me so long?!”

The food here is terrific. It’s quite evidence when you have 10 over people waiting in a similar situation to yourself. I had the Hawaiian Burger; thick meaty patty, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and a ring of grilled pineapple. The sweetness of the pineapple perfectly capped off the burger.

A colleague had The White Lady burger which consisted of 3 pieces of steak and the whole lot. The burger was monstrous and he took quite a while to finish the whole burger.

The White Lady definitely gets 10 points from me considering that I seldom do fast food. This is the place to come to in Auckland if you are after a burger and to be in the #1 spot of “What to do in New Zealand” by Lonely Planet, is something you do not want to miss out!!



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