Thai Food At Golden Mile

It is obviously a case of Bangkok withdrawal symptom. We came back from Bangkok in just less than one week and we were still craving for Thai food with a good steaming pot of Tom Yum soup high on the list. While we were in Bangkok we committed a big sin – we just had Tom Yum once! Yes, ONCE!! 🙄

While sharing our sin with friends, they suggested dinner at Golden Mile Complex. So Golden Mile we went to redeem our sin 🙂 But the actual reason was because the heavily pregnant Em wanted to have a last blowout before she has to succumb to one month of house arrest confinement.

As many of you know, Golden Mile is Little Thailand of Singapore. It is a great place for authentic Thai food. Stepping inside Golden Mile Complex, I thought I was transported to Bangkok. We really felt we were in Bangkok except that everything is in Singapore Dollars instead of Thai Baht 😦 Our Thai friend who is a regular at Beer Thai Restaurant and they recommended this place. There were a mixture of hits and misses on our food. The mango salad was quite ordinary, Tom Yum Goong was wonderful, it hit all the right notes for contrasting flavors.



I’m not a Green Curry fan but the fact that the hubs kept taking spoon after spoon tells quite a lot about the dish. Another dish that is highly recommended is the Deep Fried fish with chili. It looked like an ordinary fish dish, but it was much spicier than it looks!



Dessert was quite a let down. The mango for the sticky rice was overripe and all the dessert has a hint of ‘flowery’ essence which tasted like hand soap. While the friends find that it was okay, I think they tasted weird.

As we were leaving Golden Mile, we spotted a stall selling pork noodles (next to Diandin Leluk Restaurant) and we found out that they close at 4 am. How wonderful is that? We immediately set a date for 3 days later to return for supper 🙂 We tried the clear Tom Yum which was fantastic and the pork/beef noodles were simple but delicious. The neighbor tapau-ed Red Tom Yum soup which turned out to be nicer, it has more oomph than the clear version.

We spotted Thai steamboat as well and we’ve already made mental note to come back once the friend, Em completed her house arrest 😉 To those who have not ventured to Little Thailand, you should totally do so!


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