A Peak Into My Birthday

So as the title says, I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago. I don’t usually get excited with my own birthday. For me, it’s just another October day. I do not need a fancy birthday party (I’m no longer sweeet sixteen) nor do I need the hubs to whisk me off to a holiday. All I want is just a simple meal with the hubs and some friends. If you don’t already know, the one thing I treasure most is to have a good time with my bunch of mates.

This was the night before. Remember what I told you about the cake cutting at midnight? Yeah, they stayed up for that and the next day is a working day! But I think all is forgotten when they sank their teeth into the heavenly and awesomely and sinfully good piece of chocolate cake from Chocolate Origin. All I could hear were ummm-ing and aahhh-ing. Yes, it was that good. Me not being chocolate person, had two small pieces! 🙂



The hubs, as lovely as he always is, decided to take half day leave and spent the whole afternoon with me. Just imagine my delight when I heard the door unlocked and as I peeped over, I saw the hubs standing in the doorway 🙂 Little surprise like this made my day! We had a quick lunch and the remainder of the afternoon was spent lazing in the comfort of the house.

The hubs made a dinner reservations at Catalunya but on that day, I’m not in the mood for something so atas, so we went to Open Door Policy instead. Now thinking about it, I should have stick to the initial plan! Darn! Mr C, if you are reading this, can we please go to Catalunya sometime soon?

When we reached ODP (after some confusion with the waitstaff), I saw the hubs standing next to a table and was talking to a group of people. My initial thoughts were, “Oh his friends are here for dinner as well. What a coincidence!” And as I looked closely, I realized that that group of people were actually our friends and for a moment, I still thought it was a pure coincidence that they were there until they shouted SURPRISE!!! I almost burst out in tears (Yes, I am that emo) but I have to keep calm as all eyes were on me. I still couldn’t believe that they managed to keep me in the dark and they have been planning this for weeks. I should have been able to smell a rat but I did not!!! Anyhoo, you guys got me dumbfounded!! As the dinner unfolds, I found out that I kinda mess up their plans. They made the reservations at Catalunya a while ago, and they had gotten all their plans and time sorted out. And with the last minute change, they have to re-plan. Sorry guys!


The shindig did not stop here. Few days later, we met up for a Korean dinner. As always, we ordered too much and our entire table was covered with food!! However, the glutton in us did not fail us and after polishing off everything, we head to next door for some sweet endings to round off the fun-food filled birthday!! That’s all folks. Til’ next year!!!



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