Sunday With The Gang

One of the nicest things to do on a Sunday is to meet up with friends for a good wholesome brunch coupled with long conversations and laughter. Our initial plan was Marmalade Pantry at The Stables but our friend suggested Cafe Melba in Goodman Arts Centre instead. So, Cafe Melba we went as it is nearer to home.


Recently opened in July, Cafe Melba presents a laid-back ambiance that fits perfectly for a lazy Sunday with friends. A cool glasshouse in the midst of lush greenery, it has a huge alfresco deck and an air-conditioned dining area. The first thing that caught my eyes was the number of kids in the premises. They were playing on the field and running all over the place!


As the indoor dining were full, we had no choice but to dine alfresco. We were reluctant as it was a hot day but surprisingly, the place was airy and quite breezy throughout. The only downside you have to bear with is the noise especially kids screaming at the top of their lungs!!


I had the Big Melba Breakfast with the lots (eggs cooked any style). The sauteed mushroom stood out among all the accompaniments. It was flavorful and crunchy with every bite. And if I may add, they cured their own bacon. It wasn’t too salty which was very much appreciated. The hubs had a Melba sandwich (I think was chicken and avocado) which was decent. He is always a sarnies’ man! Our friends had the Brioche French Toast which looked sinfully good and another friend had the thin crust pizza. The pizza looks yummy and I was eyeing on it throughout! Haha!


The food here do match the vibe of the place. Simple and basic. I’m quite fond of this place and I believe we will make a return very soon as it is in “our own backyard” I guess a dinner date over here with friends would be nice just as nice 🙂

Cafe Melba
#01-56, Goodman Arts Centre Block N
90 Goodman Road
6440 6068


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