{Barcelona} Dining In La Boqueria

Having a meal in the market is part of the La Boqueria’s experience. On the first day, a colleague of mine brought us to a small seafood shop in the market. The food was palatable but not fantastic. I would not recommend it though. After the unsatisfying meal, we headed to Pinotxo Bar.


It is undoubtedly the most famous of all the eateries in the marketplace. After we took our seat, the amiable owner, Juanito Bayen who always decked out in pressed vest and a dapper bow tie took our orders. As there is no written menu, it was up to him to suggest. He offered us a seafood platter but as we just had seafood, we declined. And we can’t speak Spanish and the only English he speaks is meat and fish, so that will be then.


Stew, which I think it’s veal. The meat was fork tender and the accompanying sauce were full of flavour. We were served with crusty bread that was perfect for cleaning up the plate.


Grilled Monkfish. It was fresh and meaty but undercooked. What a pity! I did not really enjoyed the meal, maybe because I was quite full from from the first meal. Nevertheless, I will give it a second try the next time I’m back in Barcelona.

The last day before our departure, we headed to the market again. This time we were at Universal Kiosk. This stall caught my eyes when we there on the first visit. I’ve since mentally bookmarked this place.

We ordered two seafood platters, a plate of mixed mushrooms and must-have pimentos to share. The seafood was so fresh and simple – perfectly cooked and then doused with garlic, lemon, parsley and olive oil dressing and topped with a few sprinkles of sea salt. So simple and yet so flavoursome.

The mixed mushrooms were incredible and it needed nothing more, only a varieties of mushrooms, garlic, olive oil and sea salt. We kept attacking the mushrooms and not one single morels was spared. Now just thinking about the mixed mushrooms makes me drool 😉

This is one of the best lunches I had in Barcelona so far. If you are ever in Barcelona, I’d definitely recommend Universal Kiosk. You will not regret it!!


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