{London} Bill’s @ Covent Garden

Whilst we were in London for holiday, we ventured into Covent Garden for breakfast. I’ve read about this place called Bill’s (not connected to Bill Granger) in TimeOut London and decided to check it out. We took quite a while to locate the place and when we finally found it, we realised that it was just across the street from where we were earlier! I always thought that I have a good sense of directions. The hubs was not very happy, obviously!!

Bill’s Produce Store is a part store and part restaurant (similar to Jones The Grocer in Singapore). Stepped inside, you will be wowed by the vibrant colours and the rustic interior.

Adorning the walls are floor-to-ceiling shelves stacked with groceries; olive oil, homemade jam, chutneys, biscuits, herbs, you name it. Hanging from the ceiling were garlands of chilies and garlic, bunches of brightly coloured raffia and  chalkboards scribbled with menu, recipes and quotes of the day.

Our breakfast arrived and it looks good. I ordered the Eggs Benedict – toasted thick slice of fresh white bread (which I am not a fan), eggs cooked to perfection and creamy hollandaise sauce. It was okay but not the best I’ve eaten. The hubs had Bill’s breakfast which came with the whole lot – toasts, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, egg, tomatoes and baked beans. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious but nothing inspiring.

To be honest, having to travel all the way from the East to Central London just for breakfast, I’m not quite sure if it’s worth it. Despite this, we had an enjoyable time and I might come back again to try the lunch menu, if I’m in the vicinity 🙂

St Martin’s Courtyard, off Slingsby Place
Covent Garden
020 7240 8183



2 thoughts on “{London} Bill’s @ Covent Garden

  1. sophi's kitchen tea room

    :)) run a business for making breakfast–that is very much what you ‘ll get. i found out it is even better choice if you just go to a good supermarket to pick up some food while you’re traveling for the morning, in that way you save a lot of time and time is verything when you’re in there.


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