The Wimbledon Experience

Tennis at Wimbledon is one of the highlights of our London/Paris trip. Watching it on telly ain’t bad but nothing beats the experience of being there at the thick of tennis action.

We arrived into London way past the schedule time due to the 1 hour delay out of Singapore. Thank you, very much! By the time we hit the bed, it was close to 12 midnight. With only a few hours of rest, we were at the train station waiting for the first train.

At 5.30 in the morning, the train was already quite full and it was obvious where the commuters were heading to. For those who are queuing for tickets (like us), you should alight at Southfields station and not Wimbledon station. When you are out from the station, there will be signs directing you to Gate 3 turnstiles or you could just follow the throngs of tennis fans. This is where you queue for the on-day ticket sale.

We had to queue in an open air field and there were already thousands of people queuing in front of us. We knew then that we have no hope in getting a Centre Court ticket (Each day, approximately 500 tickets will be made available at the turnstiles except for the last four days). The place was lively albeit very windy and cold. We were definitely not prepared for the cold and the only solace I got was from the hot coffee (which tasted like water) and the picnic mat which I used as a makeshift blanket.

While we were queuing, there were already people setting up tents to camp for the next day’s ticket. After four hours in the cold, the queue finally moves. And one hour later, we were FINALLY at the ground!! Being able to watch tennis live at Wimbledon felt so surreal. Of course if we managed to get the Center Court ticket will be a big plus. I was eyeing those people with Centre Court ticket with envy and silently plotting ways to snatch the ticket from them! Hahaha. Oh well, it’s just a thought :p

With all the big guns playing in the bigger courts, we ended up in smaller outside court which was not too bad.  We managed to catch a few matches; women’s doubles, women’s singles and men’s single, which we totally enjoyed especially the women’s doubles but not before experiencing a few rain delays. Well, rain and Wimbledon comes in a package! 🙂 Luckily by noon, dark clouds were all gone and the sun came blazing. The hubs even got himself burnt! 😆

We did manage to watch Djokovic and Federer in action. We joined the throng on Henman Hill sitting on the grass. The hill was packed and there weren’t a single spot of grass in sight which is totally understandable considering that the top seeds were playing.

It got colder by the minute and we were dead tired by then. We decided to call it a day. Before we left, we made a pact to come back sometime soon…with a Center Court ticket perhaps? But as for now, we have our sights on Australian Open!
Fingers crossed!!


3 thoughts on “The Wimbledon Experience

    1. e Post author

      We were just so happened to be there during the Championship. For someone who loves tennis, it’s really an experience. Well, you can try Aussie Open? We are planning a trip Down Under! 🙂


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