Another year..

Another year.. How life passes when you least realise it. Once again it was time for our annual birthday bash for the june babies. These are the sort of events that make you think where the time in between went to! It seemed only yesterday when we had our mad bash in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and now it’s time for another. W, who kindly sponsor our annual bash venue costs, kept a tight lid on where we were going to hold this year’s bash until about one week till the day itself.

And this year, we were at Fullerton Bay Hotel! The place was divine. Every year we think we can’t possibly top the year before’s party venue, but W always finds a way to stun us. An this year she booked us in not only a suite but a suite plus two additional bedroom corner cluster with a fantastibulous vista of the marina bay! C called it a bungalow!


Just look at the view! They rock! Even better, in my opinion, than last years MBS and Swissotel dual celebration.


Taking a leaf from last year’s infamous candy corner which was solely assembled by W for the October babies, I decided to make a dessert corner for the junees! We got to the room early just for this purpose. C, W and I spent the early part of the afternoon setting up the dessert table, placing the desserts that I prepared two days before. We had lemon curd macarons, salted caramel cupcakes, black sesame/matcha cream puffs and lemon tarts.



We had a fabulous time. In the evening we had a cart full of goodies delivered to the room including three bottles of bubbly and a set of canape together with a birthday cake courtesy of the hotel. We also had a fireworks and laser light show display which was a perfect compliment to the birthday celebration 🙂




With all the food and drinks throughout the day, we didn’t have much tummy space left for dinner. But amazingly, we did make a trip to Lau Par Sat around the corner for satay and supper. They were sinful food but then again, who’s watching calories on a day like this?!

As the years go on, we came to obeserve that we seem to retire to bed much more easily. I remember the days when I visited C at his old hostel room in uni. We would stay up, have supper at 2ish and still have the stamina to have gossip sessions late into the night at the student lounge. These days we rarely pass 12! With this in mind, C had, days before the bash, decreed that no one is allowed to sleep before 3am. Little did we know that this was going to be real tough. After a hefty meal of satay and loads of unburned calories loading from earlier in the day we were dozing off at 1230!!. The comfy plush beds did not help as well!! Luckily we had some card games in hand and thankfully, 0245 arrived. We were so proud of ourselves, we said, “close enuf” and crashed for the nite 🙂

We were reluctant to leave the ‘bungalow’ the next day but all good things must come to an end. It was a memorable gathering and hopefully we will have one in October? Will we? Hehe 😀

Till next time then! xoxo

Happy birthday A, WH and Y! Fireworks and laser show – complimentary 😀

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