{Penang} Mee Goreng, Bangkok Lane

This is one of the hubs favourite mee goreng stall in Penang. Whenever we are back in Penang, we will definitely come here for a quick fix. Even if he is not in Penang, the loving wife, me, will buy a packet or two and bring it back to Singapore.


This mee goreng stall has been selling in this corner coffee shop of Bangkok Lane for as long as I could remember. I read from somewhere that this Indian Muslim (Mamak) family has been selling mee goreng for the past 80 years passing down from generations to generations. Well, I shall find out more from the boss on my next trip home. He is one of the friendliest (when he is not busy) hawkers I’ve ever met and he speaks fluent Hokkien! Much better than the hubs! Haha


They open pretty early and sell until late in the afternoon. We were there ard 11ish and was glad there weren’t many people. If you visit during lunch time or public holidays, the place can be quite packed. So, go either in the morning or late afternoon.

As per usual, the hubs will go for Mee Goreng, fried noodles, whereas I will go for Mee Rebus, cooked noodles. Oh ya, tambah sotong (extra cuttlefish) please! And this will set us back RM10.
The Mee Goreng is fried with simple ingredients namely tau kwa (deep-fried beancurd), potatoes, eggs, dough fritters, braised cuttlefish and chilli tomato sauce. It is then garnish with chopped lettuce and a wedge of lime.

Mee Rebus is almost the same as Mee Goreng but instead of frying, the noodles are blanched and topped with all the same ingredients. It is then finish off with a generous amount of the chilli tomato gravy with chopped lettuce and lime wedge. I always squeeze in some lime juice into my noodles as I prefer it to be a bit sourish but the hubs doesn’t like it. With or without lime juice, it doesn’t affect the taste at all, so the preference is yours.


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