What Makes Me Happy?

Call me biased but I think the best durians are found in Penang. At this time of the year, orchards at the hills of Penang will be swarmed with durians. And so is the husband’s family’s orchard 🙂


Before we went back to Penang, I told the husband that we MUST make a trip to the orchard. Normally, I will not be the one suggesting, it’s mostly the husband. But not this time. Haha. The husband knew what I was up to 🙂

After breakfast with the family, we took a slow drive to the estate which is located in Sungai Pinang, off Balik Pulau. For those who are not familiar with Penang, Balik Pulau (literally means back of the island) is a small town south of Penang. Balik Pulau is famous for its many durian plantations and assam laksa if I may add. I love going to Balik Pulau during the durian season. There will be stalls set up by the roadside with baskets load of durian to choose from, ang heh, hor lor, ganja and the varieties go on. Go to any stall, pick a few durians and have it by the roadside. Ah, this is so fun! But we will not be doing this, we are going to the source instead!


Few more drives, we finally reached the estate. I couldn’t contain my glee seeing the durians hanging on the branches. Inside me, I silently hope that they will all drop before me. If only I have a magic wand! Haha. Do you know that there are unspoken rules with regards to the ownership of durian? If you find a durian in your orchard and it belongs to someone else, you are not allowed to pick it, even when no one is looking! This is something I learnt on my previous visit to the orchard.



After settling down, we took a walk around the orchard. This is the enjoyable part (which is not in normal circumstances). We I was on durian hunt. I kept my eyes and ears open as we strolled around the orchard. I was hoping to hear the “thud” sound but it was rather disappointing. No “thud”! 😦 As we continue walking, the husband spotted a few durians and without wasting a sec, I quickly claimed my prized possession. It’s mine, it’s mine! Haha



After a fruitful walk, we went back to the house and enjoy our pickings. The durians tasted so good, it taste even better knowing that we picked them by ourselves. We ate four and tapao-ed (takeaway) six for the parents and granny 🙂



It was a great afternoon spent at the orchard chatting with the FIL and durian hunting. I told the husband that we should make another trip back to Penang in July. I haven’t gotten any answer from him; let’s hope that it’s a yes!





3 thoughts on “What Makes Me Happy?

  1. Lady J

    Really cute pic of you reaching out to get the durian! 🙂 We didn’t get to go here.. there’s just too much to eat in Penang.. arh. I wish I had 2 stomachs!

    1. e Post author

      Haha the hubs managed to capture my elated look 🙂
      Saw your pic, you went to Macalister Road for durians?
      Sometimes I wished I have two stomachs as well!!

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