{Tokyo} Sushi Daiwa, Tsukiji Fish Market

Standing in line for 1.5 hours to get a seat for breakfast is not a problem. Not when presented upon you are the freshest sushi you can get. That’s exactly what I did on my trip to Tokyo.

I’ve always, always wanted to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market for the tuna auctions but waking up in the wee hours of the morning is not really a thing for me. So, we (me and friends) ditched the tuna auctions and went for breakfast instead.

Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest fish market in the world and located within the market is some famous sushi restaurant. The two most renowned sushi restaurants are Sushi Dai and Sushi Daiwa. Both are located in the same row, Block 6. When you reach the destination, the first thing you will notice is the snaking queue forming outside the shop.

Our plan was to visit Sushi Dai. When we reached, we were quite happy to see that the queue outside Sushi Dai was pretty short but little did we know that the queue was extended to the side of the building! We can’t even see where the line ends!

The queue outside Sushi Daiwa was much shorter, so we joined in. The queue here moved faster as it has twice the capacity of Sushi Dai. But still, we waited for 1.5 hours before getting a seat.

As we did not know what to order, the chef recommended us the omakase (chef’s special). Fine by us, we just let the chef to feed us with the best and freshest catch of the day. The set cost ¥ 3500 – the most expensive breakfast ever, but it’s so worth it.

I’m not exaggerating but the sushi here is good. Out-of-this-world kind of good!! First up, chutoro. Big, fat thick slice of fatty tuna in its pink glory. The chef told us, one bite, one bite. We just followed. The fish literally melts in your mouth, it’s so soft and smooth. The next few pieces were all of high quality and I quite like the grilled prawn head, cholesterol boosting! Haha.

The sushi served here is indescribably divine and the chefs are all very friendly except for the lady “bouncer” who kept hurrying me to eat my sushi. Every time I whipped up my camera, she will say something in Japanese, I guess she is asking me to stop taking pictures and eat! Well, I can understand that they want a fast turn over but it’s just a few pictures, how much time can I take? 

I really enjoyed my sushi experience is Sushi Daiwa. As much as I hate queuing up for food, the sushi here is worth the wait. I would like to try Sushi Dai on my next visit and the tuna auctions too, if I can wake up! 🙂


4 thoughts on “{Tokyo} Sushi Daiwa, Tsukiji Fish Market

    1. e Post author

      Hi Jonathan! Yes they were fresh..very fresh! No other sushi can compare to these, definitely not in Singapore 🙂

    1. e Post author

      You should! Provided you don’t mind the queue. But I guess you can get good sushi elsewhere in Tokyo?


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