{Tokyo} Hidemi Sugino

He specialised in mousse cake and he is known for dipping his hands in ice cold water to chill before pipping delicate mousse on his cake. Yes, he is a perfectionist. He is non other than the famous pattisier Hidemi Sugino.

Going to Hidemi Sugino’s boutique dessert store is top on my must-visit/must-eat list when I was in Tokyo. Sushi, sashimi, ramen etc can take a backseat. With a map in hand, I arrived at Kyobashi station and slowly find my way to the shop. It’s located in some kind of alley and there’s no signboard. The only tell tale sign is the queue outside the shop. I was there on a weekday, slightly after 11am and lucky me, the line was pretty short, phew. I’ve read online that sometimes the queue form even before the shop opens!

Stepped into the shop, you are welcome by picture perfect little gems lining up in the counter. The sight of all the beautiful cakes got me all excited, I couldn’t help but to sneak a picture or two, although no photography is allowed. Hehe

When it’s my turn at the counter, I started to panic, I didn’t know which one to pick as all look DAMN GOOD!! I wished I could order one of each but I was there alone, I had no one to share calories with 😦 So, I settled for two.

If you can only choose ONE cake from the shop, it has to be the signature Ambroisie – chocolate and pistachio mousse with raspberry jam covered with chocolate lacquer glaze. This is the cake that won him the most prestigious award Coupe du Monde in 1991. I’m not really a fan of mousse cake but this is exception. It’s light, delicate and not cloyingly sweet. Perfection in every bite!

I was up for something fruity and this was my pick. Mixed berries on a pate sucree base with creme chantilly. Don’t you just want to take a bite? I did not note down the exact name of this tart, perhaps I was cake-struck? Haha. The sweetness of the base, the tartness of the berries and the creme chantilly binds together so wonderfully. I can eat a few of this!

Total bill came up to approximately ¥3000. Expensive? Yes! Will I go back again? I can’t wait!!

Hideme Sugino (イデミ・スギノ)
3-6-17 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (東京都中央区京橋3-6-17)
Tel: 03-3538-6780
Nearest train station: Tokyo Metro Kyobashi or Ginza 1-chome (2 min walk)
Opening hours: 11am – 7pm, closed on Monday (and every other Tuesday, advisable to call and check to avoid disappointment)


4 thoughts on “{Tokyo} Hidemi Sugino

  1. Lady J

    Arh.. how did you manage to sneak so many pictures? Those cakes look so good btw! And I know what you mean about having more people to ‘spread’ the calories.. if I were in your shoes, I would too. 🙂

    1. e Post author

      The staffs were a bit busy at one point, i quickly sneak a few pics 🙂
      It was taken wif the phone, so not that obvious. I was a sneaky lil’ fella. Haha 😀


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