{Melbourne} Manchester Press, Melbourne CBD

Further down the road on Little Bourke Street, there lies this dreary alleyway, Rankins Lane. Tucked down the dead end laneway is a cool cafe, Manchester Press. What’s with Melbourne cafes and alleways?? Well, I guess that’s what makes the place special.



From the outside, the cafe looks like a garage/warehouse with all the iron-barred windows and stuff but inside the warehouse is a cool industrial like canteen, decked with wooden tables and chairs with two long communal table.


It has a simple decor with a few quirky interior – two large painting adorning the wall and a large bowling pin in the corner of the room.


Service was prompt despite the place being crowded and the staff were friendly. They exudes a carefree vibes and they seemed to be enjoying what they do πŸ™‚


Besides coffee, I was told they are famous for their bagels. I had the chorizo, cheese, capsicum and tomato relish wholemeal bagel. This combinations got me thinking about Ramli burger. Haha. The ingredients compliment each other well (sweet, sour and salty) but I still prefer to have my bagel the boring way – toasted with cream cheese.


And now, to the coffee. My cappuccino was awesomely good! I really really liked it! It was smooth, well-rounded and flavoursome with no hint of bitterness. At Manchester Press, they are well known for their coffee art, think bunny rabbit, dog, twin heads, man with a giant head etc. But I got non of those. Just a run-of-the-mill leaf pattern 😦 Oh well, next time then. I’m very sure I will go back again.


Two cafes off the list. There are many more waiting for me to explore. But until I have try others, I will stick to Manchester Press for my caffeine fix the next time I’m in Melbourne πŸ˜€

Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000


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