{Melbourne} Patricia, Melbourne CBD


One thing I love about Melbourne is that there are cafes scattered all over the city and most of the, serve pretty decent coffees. On one of my trip to Melbourne, I was out and about to see what the Melbourne style cafes have to offer. I did some homework and have all the cafes bookmarked in the phone. The aim was to visit three but after the second one, I was a little bit dizzy from caffeine overload.

So, first on the list is Patricia. It’s at the corner of Little William Street and Little Bourke Street. You won’t know it’s a coffee place until you walk past it. Who would expect to find coffee places in an obscure place? I had a bit of a trouble looking for it. It took me a few walks up and down Little Bourke Street to find it only to realise I walked past it earlier *knock head*

The shop is tiny with a minimalist interior. No seats, there’s only standing room in this narrow shop.



If you are after some quick, no frills coffee then it ought to be Patricia.
1) In or Out

2) Black, White or Filtered

3) Blends – Seven Seeds, Proud Mary, Market Lane or Small Batch.

Simple? Yes!

My pick was White and Seven seeds (recommended by the staff). It was smooth, well balanced and medium bodied. I have no complaints about the coffee but I do prefer a fuller bodied coffee.
Patricia is unpretentious, friendly and welcoming. Come here and grab a coffee before you hit the shops!


Cnr Little Bourke & Little William St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Monday to Friday, 7am – 4pm


2 thoughts on “{Melbourne} Patricia, Melbourne CBD

    1. e Post author

      Yes worth every effort..tht’s why I don’t mind walking all the way from Southbank! πŸ™‚


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