Awful Lunch At Five And Dime

It was a day off for the husband today and we decided to go to Au Petit Salut for our lunch date. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this fine dining French restaurant in Dempsey Hill which has one of the most value for money set lunches in Singapore. I tried to get a table for two but unfortunately, they were full which is totally understandable considering that I only made reservations 1 hour before. Well, next time then!

So, the husband suggested Toby’s Estates. But I have Five and Dime in mind. Well, the wife always gets her way, so Five and Dime we went. And it proved to be an awful awful choice. First of all, their lunch menu is limited – very limited. They only have a few salad and sandwich selections and two pasta choices (one of which was sold out).  The husband ordered a club sandwich and I ordered a cold cut sandwich. We waited for 20 minutes and we were still not being served. After checking with the staff, he apologized. He told us they are short handed and he will serve us asap. So we waited for a couple of minutes before the husband’s club sandwich made a grand appearance. We were disappointed – the chicken was dry, only a few pieces of tomatoes and no lettuce! Even I can make better ones! I was kept waiting again for my sandwich. I guess they were testing my patience. The last straw came when they served the other diners who came in later than us and I still have nothing on my table!! I was super furious!! Not wanting to make a scene, I cancelled my order, paid and we left. They waived off the coffees that we had (which was way below standard, the coffee was sour) and only charged us for the club sandwich. We do appreciate the service recovery but together with an explanation would be so much better. I’m not sure if they had forgotten my order or they were just being plain slow.  Whatever it was, it is enough to make me think twice about going back there again. I can see a lot of potential about this place but firstly, they have to improve on their service and food.

Five & Dime Eatery

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