Please Be Safe

I just came back to Singapore and I found out through Facebook that an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 had hit Sumatra. And there were tsunami warnings issued which triggered fears of a disaster all too familiar with. The tremors were so strong that it can be felt in Penang. Many people felt the buildings swayed and everyone was evacuating from buildings.

I also received a message from my mother last night and I spoke to her on the phone today. She was recounting the ordeal, telling me how bad the tremor was and they too evacuated from the house (which was on the 10th floor). I am sure they must be praying hard that all will be safe and the nightmares of 2004 will not happen again. They witnessed the tsunami when it hit Penang 8 years ago and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to witness another one yet again. Luckily the warnings have been lifted!
To hear all these from my mum are worrying especially when I’m so far away and all my loved ones are there.

I hope that everyone is OKAY and please stay safe wherever you are.
To people in Sumatra, my prayers are with you!! God Bless!!


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