One Of Our Best Holiday So Far

6 days of fun in the sun with the peeps in Club Med Bali was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! This has got to be one of the best holidays so far with the gang. Initially it was just the 4 of us booked for this trip but we managed to coerce another 2 more friends to join us last minute. The husband and I were afraid they might not enjoy themselves but boy, we were wrong! They had a whale of a time and so did we!!!

418365_10150543584435876_223234659_n (1)

{image from ock}

For those who have been to Club Med, you will know how wonderful the place is. For those who have not, why wait? Go and book yourself one! We’ve been to Club Med Cherating last year but we unanimously think that Club Med Bali fare much better in terms of facilities, activities and the beach.


how can you not like this place?

We were up by 8am everyday for breakfast and followed by a string of activities – aqua gym, pool games, windsurfing, archery,yoga, trapeze and the list goes on. Gosh, we have never felt so healthy before! All of us tried our hands at windsurfing and at the end of our stay, we can proudly say that we know how to windsurf (almost like a pro!) Haha! We have to give credits to the water sports team for their effortless teaching!!


{image from ock}

windsurf like a pro..almost! almost!! 😉

The thing I totally love about Club Med is that you can walk up to the bar anytime of the day and get a drink and it’s absolutely free!! We spent most nights at the bar, partaking in the ‘crazy sign’ dance which we have came to adore, so much so that we kept dancing to the songs even after we came back to Singapore! Yes, we are a crazy bunch!! We made great friends throughout our stay (you know who you are!) All the GOs (except a few whose nose were up at their forehead) were awesome and they really made us feel at home!


{image from ock}

Well, before we know it, 6 days have just flown by (it’s even faster than lightning) and it’s time to bid farewell to the place we have all came to love. Although we were reluctant to leave, we still have to say our goodbyes. All of us left with a HEAVY heart and bringing back with us to Singapore were wonderful memories, bruises, body ache and sunburn!

429761_10150585575432914_309199244_n (1)

burnt & bruised

That’s all people! An amazing holiday with my girlies and boys! I am SO looking forward to our next Club Med vacation!


3 thoughts on “One Of Our Best Holiday So Far

  1. Lady J

    I love Club Med Holidays! We’ve done 2 so far and had such a good experience. Love the all you drink bar too! We found ourselves ‘parked’ there virtually every night too.. hehe

  2. e Post author

    Which Club Med you’ve been to? We are planning for another one next year! I Love all inclusive holiday…all taken care of!


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