New York In A Jiffy

It feels good to be back in the Big Apple after so long – 3 years I think? Well, it was a short trip for me and before I knew it, I have to pack my bags and leave. In the short span of time with jet-lagged in between, I managed to cover a tiny bit of New York. There are still a lot more of New York waiting for me to explore, but I only have that much time. Oh well, New York, I promised I will be back one day and I will be back with the husband in tow! I give you my word! 🙂

Here are some of the tiny bits of New York.

ny - Copy

{left to right; top to bottom}

1. Breakfast at Pastis – A French bistro located in the Manhattan’s meatpacking district. The setting is modest; not too chic to be snobby. Be prepared to pay top dollar for bistro style food.
2. One World Trade Center, 1 WTC also known as the Freedom Tower. Standing there looking at the building left me thinking about that very fateful day. This is the place for remembrance and rebuilding a new future.
3. Taking a stroll through Central Park. Can you feel the serenity of this place?
4. New York City, the city that never sleeps.


5. 5th Avenue, probably the most popular street in Manhattan. It’s the dividing street between Manhattan’s East side and West side. No visit to New York is complete without a walk along or part of its length.
6. The iconic yellow cab.
7. Bagel with cream cheese.  I can eat this every single day! I love mine toasted. There are some delis in New York that takes their bagel seriously; they refuse to toast their bagels because they are so fresh and it will ruin their doughy softness. But I still like mine toasted!! 😛
8. Momofuku Milk Bar. Tried their Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookie and Compost Cookie. They were too sweet for me. And the guy behind the counter was a tad arrogant! Boo!


9. Grand Central Station. The whispering walls, near the Oyster Bar Restaurant. The acoustics of the low ceramic arches can cause a whisper that sounds like someone is talking next to you. (You and your friend stand in the opposite corner of the large archway and whisper. It will sound like the person is standing right next to you and talking) Try it!!
10. Trying to catch a glimpse of Serena van der Woodsen 😉
11. The smallest car I’ve ever seen and it belongs to the NYPD. Cute!
12. The Chrysler Building, one of the finest buildings in New York City. It never fails to make me pause for a few seconds to admire it 🙂


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