A Date With Chris Carrabba

Last night, Dashboard Confessional’s front man singer-songwriter
Chris Carrabba
brought his solo acoustic music to a jam packed Esplanade Concert Hall. We didn’t know what to expect but one thing for sure, we knew we are in for a night of good music.

The night started off with an opening act by Cyril Niccolai from Fairchilds. Well, it was a so-so performance by him. The guy seated next to me was listening to his IPod throughout his whole performance (perhaps he’s prepping for the sing along session with Chris) and a certain group of people were yakking away. How rude!! Tsk!


Chris finally came on. He was true to his roots when he came on stage and the audience greeted him like an old friend. Opening with “Dusk and Summer”, Chris lead the sing along that would continue through the whole night. He performed numerous Dashboard’s classics including “The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most”, “As Lovers Go”, “Saints And Sailors”, “Stolen”. I wished he could have done more but he could only squeeze in that many songs. One song after another, the crowd overpowered his voice during every song’s chorus. Every seemed to know the lyrics to all the songs. He performed a brand new song “Cold Comfort” which was awesome! It has all the household Dashboard’s characteristics; emo lyrics, catchy melodies.

Everyone was calling out for “Hands Down” and the man certainly did not disappoint. It was overwhelming and it almost brought the whole place down. “The Best Deception” closed out the remarkable evening and everyone left seeking for more. The night has to end somehow. Well, I guess we just have to wait patiently for Chris and his band mates to return for another amazing concert! Which he said he Will!!!

Til’ we meet again!


“So kiss me hard, so this will be the last time that I let you, I will be back someday”


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