Red Bean Pau

Whilst I was busy making Chinese New Year goodies, I went off track a little. I had a sudden craving for Red Bean Pau and without hesitation, I went online to search for the recipe. I came across a simple recipe some time back while blog hopping and I am lucky to trace it again. I’m glad I found this recipe for it was an easy recipe to follow. In the midst of serious baking in the kitchen, I’m not in favour of complicated and time consuming recipe.

I made a batch of pau using Kokken69’s recipe and the result was soft and fluffy pau. As with all steamed stuffs, they are best eaten when they are hot. Once the paus turn cold, they will become a bit hard and dry. So always reheat them prior to eating. For the filling, I used the pre-made ones. I divided them into 30g each which I think were too much. The husband complained that there were too much filling which I totally concur. Although I did not have trouble sealing them with the dough but it just did not have the right balance of dough and filling. I think 20g for each filling should be just nice.

One thing I learnt while making this pau is that one should not over-proof the pau as it will cause the skin to be wrinkly and also air bubbles will be visible on the dough. I kept a few unsteamed ones for the husband and it turned out to be real wrinkly. So it is recommended to steam them once proofing are done.

Red Bean Pau

Dough Recipe (adapted from Kokken69)

150g Hong Kong Flour (Pau Flour)
2g Dry Yeast
2g Baking powder
28g Sugar
75g Milk
2g Shortening (crisco)

1. Place all ingredients into a mixer and blend until smooth at low speed.
2. Let it stand for 10mins at room temperature.
3. Blend in mixer again for 5 mins.
4. Divide the dough into pieces of 19g each. Roll out to form a disc of about 2 inches in diameter.
5. Place filling in the center of the disc and pleat the edge to seal the bun. Place the pau (pleat area face down) onto a piece of greaseproof paper, on the rack for steaming.
6. Proof Pau at room temperature for 45 mins.
7. Steam Pau over boiling water for 15mins.
8. Serve whilst hot. Left overs can be kept refrigerated. Reheat for 5 minutes before eating.



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