Chinese New Year Snaps

Every year if possible, I try to spend the Lunar New Year with my family back in Penang. For us Chinese, the Lunar New Year is the most important festivity. It is a time when everyone gathers, reconcile, forget grudges and sincerely wishing everyone peace and happiness. It is also time to indulge in calories boosting New Year goodies.

This year I made the most out of my long holidays. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of preparations leading up to the Chinese New Year – getting the house ready, baking Chinese New Year must haves, preparing for reunion dinner etc.

Here are some of the Instagram shots from my celebrations back home:-

New Folder (2)9

{left to right, top to bottom}

1. Goodbye Singapore, Hello Penang!
2. Early reunion lunch. It was only meant for us but since the uncle and families were already in town, mum invited them over. Well, the more the merrier! 😀
3. Reunion dinner with dad’s family. Here with my granny. She used to cook every reunion dinner but she’s not in the pink of health lately, so we had it in the restaurant instead.
4. Another reunion dinner with the husband’s family at E&O Hotel. This is where we got married! 🙂

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5. Had a catch up session with friends and family at China House. Their tiramisu is to-die for!!
6. What is Chinese New Year without Lou Hei?
7. Mum cooking up a storm in the kitchen for another reunion dinner. She had a sifu (i.e. cookbook) guiding her throughout 😉 It was her first attempt cooking those reunion dishes and I have to say, they were delish.
8. My 4th aunt hosted a Laksa cum Poh Piah party. My cravings for Laksa was satisfied!

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9. Chinese New Year decorations at home. Done by my parents. I can feel the Chinese New Year mood just by admiring their work 🙂
10. Preparing ang pows. When i was a little kid, I used to help mum in inserting money into the red packets and looked forward to receive them. But now I have to do it myself and I looked forward to giving them out.
11. It was banned a couple of years ago but recently the ban was lifted. Setting off firecrackers bring good luck and it signaled a joyous occasion.
12. Our favourite Chinese New Year past-time – gambling. The activity that brings everyone (young and old) together. It is not about winning or losing but the excitement generated when one loses. 🙂

It was a very joyous Chinese New Year for us! Hope it was for you as well!


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