His Birthday {Recap}

Those who know C well will know that he always celebrates his birthday twice. Yes, he is a greedy man! :p

For his “first” celebration, I had planned for an Operations Birthday Surprise. But sad to say, it did not go as planned. The husband was shocked more than surprise. Haha! Oh well, planning a surprise is not my forte. For his birthday dinner, I was thinking of having something nice but he was craving for Korean food instead. Well, he is the King of the night. I gotta listen to him! So, we ended up at East Coast for his Korean fix.

IMG_7955Even if my surprise did not go as planned, I have another one up my sleeves. I am not the mastermind but just the coordinator. It was planned by our friends and it was executed smoothly, without a hitch. They bought him a cake and came knocking on our door. The husband was utterly surprised when he opened the door! It really caught him off guard! Haha! The husband has been asking me the whole day/night, “where’s my cake?”  And he finally got what he wanted. Thank you D for getting him the cake!


Although it was just a simple birthday, I knew that he was contented. But I seriously felt bad for not doing more for his birthday, however, what he said really put me at ease “Having you here on my birthday is suffice!”  Oh, it warms my heart! ♥



2 thoughts on “His Birthday {Recap}

  1. Lady J

    Ooh your hubby’s bday is in Jan.. mine too! And I’m like you.. always FAIL in giving him surprises. The last time I tried, he just played along to humor me.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby! Hope he had a great day! 🙂


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