Backlog: Happy Christmas

Every year, we will gather at our friend’s place for a Christmas Eve party, with the exception of last year where we spent Christmas in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It has become an annual affair for us. As the missus here had to work on Christmas Eve (which sucks big time!), we brought forward the gathering to one day earlier and this year, we hosted it.


The night was pretty low key. We ate, we drank and jokes were cracked over dinner, we laughed till our bellies hurt. After dinner, we did a Secret Santa gifts exchange. We got some really amazing gifts from our Secret Santa and from W as well. I know we were suppose to wait until Boxing Day but curiosity got the better of us :p

After all the excitement over Secret Santa, we popped a little surprise for W. It was her birthday few days ago and we presented her with a home-baked birthday cake. It was just a small token for a wonderful pal. She has been an amazing  friend one could ask for. Here’s to you Windy, Happy Birthday!!


It was definitely a fun-filled night. The house was constantly filled with laughter, so much so that I was afraid we would invite complains from our neighbours! Well, it was all in the name of good fun and with this group of friends, we are promised with tons of good humour and good cheer!!


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