Sorry for missing out in action lately. It’s been a busy December, so many things took place this month, I can hardly find any ME time. Even the husband complained that I seldom cook dinner lately!! 😦

• Early this month, I went for wisdom tooth extraction and the following few days were crap, I did have a bit of ME time but all I want to do is just nua (laze around and do nothing) at home.

• The husband and I went back to Penang for our dear friend wedding. It was a gathering of friends and we are planning to make this a yearly event. It was a fun filled weekend albeit a tiring one.

• We hosted a X’mas gathering for the husband’s friends. It’s a yearly thing and this year was the first time we are hosting it. We also celebrated W’s birthday 🙂

• I was pre-occupied with our house water seepage problem. The source has been determined and being fixed. And now, waiting for our parquet to be replaced. This is one hell of a headache for both of us 😦

• Celebrated the husband’s birthday. I cooked dinner (finally!) and we had some close friends over. It was a quiet affair.

Well, these are what keeping me busy and also with work in between all the activities. I’ll be back after all the happenings are over. Til’ then!!


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