Shabu Shabu

From tomorrow onwards, I will be on a soft diet. Reason being, I have entrusted my dentist with my wisdom tooth. Yes, I am going for wisdom tooth extraction! Ouch! Dr Ho, please give me some TLC. So, tonight will be my last night on solid food, at least for the next few days.

For dinner, we went to SUKI-YA for shabu shabu. It is essentially all-you-can-eat shabu shabu at a reasonable price. We were there for lunch on Sunday and decided to go back there again. Give me any kind of hotpot – I’m SOLD!


There are 3 types of soup base to choose from – shabu shabu, sukiyaki and kimuchi. We opted for sukiyaki and kimuchi, both of which tasted quite good. As for the meat options, they have pork, beef and chicken. Did I say that the meat is free flow? The beef is our favourite and we had a few servings of it. They are thinly sliced and of decent quality. Dip them in sesame sauce, ponzu sauce or spicy bean paste sauce for that extra kick. Yum! The vegetables selection was only so-so and they have quite a spread for mushrooms, which I totally love 🙂

There’s one small catch when dining at SUKI-YA. They have a time limit – 80 minutes for lunch and 100 minutes for dinner. But trust me, by the 60th minutes you will be stuffed with meat (and mushroom). The service was quite efficient even at full capacity. This place is value for money and will definitely recommend it for someone looking for an affordable haunt. Finally, we get a decent steamboat restaurant which is nearby to our place! I am sure we will be back for more but meanwhile, it will be porridge for the next few days 😦


Lunch – S$ 15.90
Dinner – S$ 19.90


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