Sapporo {Recap}

I was in Hokkaido for a day and it’s already enough to make me fall in LOVE with the place. There’s something magical about that place that makes me want to go back for more. Husband, please take note! 🙂

When we reached Sapporo, it started to snow!! After checking in to the hotel, we wasted no time. Within minutes, we were out from the hotel again. We went to the seafood market for lunch. After ogling at all the fresh seafood, it’s time to dig in. The seafood was super fresh, if you want any fresher, you got to catch it yourself! There were so many things we wanted to order but our stomach is only this big. Damn!

We went to the nearby supermarket to stock up on some Japanese goodies. I love AEON (Japan’s largest supermarket chain) I can spend hours in the supermarket. There are so many things to see and buy. If I could, I would buy the whole supermarket!

It was dark when we went back to the hotel. As it was still early, we went to the Christmas market which was just round the corner from the hotel. It was snowing heavily and we were like kids once more – frolicking in the snow and attacked each other with snow ball 😉 The roads were covered with snow and all the trees were lit up.. Aahhh, it really feels like Christmas!

The Christmas market were jam packed and it was not very fun to walk around in heavy snow, trying to avoid sludge that has accumulated and squeezing your way pass people. It was VERY cold out there and a cup of warm red wine helped a lot. When it gets too cold, we took solace at the nearby convenient shop before continuing to wander again. Haha. Nonetheless, it was a good experience and I enjoyed myself very much. You don’t get this opportunity often!

It was getting late and we headed back to the hotel. We made a pit stop for a bowl of piping hot ramen before calling it a night. It was a comfort food for a snowy night and it warms your body instantly *slurps*

With a full stomach and warm body, it’s time to hit the bed with a slight hope that we get to extend another day in Sapporo. I was praying for heavy snow and AOG! Fat hope! The snow stopped the next morning 😦 it’s time to work and head back to Singapore.

Bye Sapporo, ‘Til we meet again!!


4 thoughts on “Sapporo {Recap}

  1. Lady J

    Looking at your pics of Hokkaido is making me miss the place loads.. we love Hokkaido especially snowboarding on the powder snow… 😉 Hope the Mister brings you back soon…


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