Friday Blues @ PS

Last week we played host to our friend, R, from Hong Kong and we had planned for a day out at Universal Studio. The husband took leave on Friday and what greeted us on that day was “Friday Blues”. Well, none of us was working on that day but it’s as blue as one can get. It was raining cats and dogs!! There goes our plan 😦

We still make our way to Resort World Sentosa hoping the rain will stop by then but no luck. The sky continued to pour. We walked a bit and decided to cut our losses (the parking is freaking expensive!!). We left Resort World and the husband suggested PS Cafe at Harding for lunch.


We love that place, not so much for the food but for the ambience. I love how remote the place is, quaint little glass house surrounded by lush greenery. R said you can hardly find places like this in Hong Kong or maybe none. So it was something different for R. It was raining when we arrived and that made the place cosier..sitting by the full length glass window, watching the rain falls and catching up on each other’s lives. Perfect activity on a rainy day!

As breakfast was still lingering in our tummy, we went for something light. The husband had the Caesar Salad with Rosemary Dijon Chicken, R had the Crispy Harissa Schnitzel Chicken Sandwich and Portobello Mushroom Soup combo and I went for a bowl of piping hot Roasted Tomato Soup (my all time fav). And we ordered their Truffle Shoestring Fries to share. Why must yummy food be fattening?? Arghhh!!


We gave the dessert a pass although the cakes were pleading with us to eat them. We wished we could but we were full to the brim. As the hour passed by, the crowd came flooding in and we left before it gets too noisy (read about reviews on how noisy the place can be when it’s crowded, you can barely hear each other).


There are hits and misses with regards to the place. The food and atmosphere (when it’s not crowded) was spot on. However, I find that some of the staff was a little bit “cold” and it will be good if I don’t have to wave fervently to get the staff’s attention. Nevertheless, it was a good contingency plan for the Friday Blues.

28B Harding Road
+65 9070 8782


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