Tucked away in the corner of Ann Siang Hill is a little cake shop called Kki (cake in Japanese). I’ve been meaning to go there but never got a chance to it. And the last time when we went, they were closed (close on Monday) so we ended up in Flor over at Duxton.

After lunch, we headed to Kki. When we got there, we were greeted with a delicious array of cakes lining prettily on the counter waiting to be picked. Being our first time, the guy kindly explained each and every cake to us. Not that I can absorb all that he said, but I do appreciate his gestures.

We finally settled for 4 pieces of cake. The cakes were neatly placed in a row and were told to start from the right to left (in the photo – top to bottom) following the intensity of the flavor. That’s very thoughtful of her 🙂

The Antoinette is a white chocolate mousse with mango centre. The white chocolate mousse is light and smooth with the right amount of sweetness and together with the mango puree, they work like a charm.

The Kinabaru (isn’t obvious what it’s named after?) is a combination of coconut mousse and passionfruit crème. The coconut was not too over-powering and it pairs beautifully with the passionfruit crème. Trust me, this is delish!!

The Noisette is a hazelnut dacquoise layer with chocolate and praline cream. I find this is a tad dry but that said, it is not too sweet or rich.

The L.R.R.H, the Little Red Riding Hood. It’s a smooth chocolate mousse with raspberry filling covered with shiny dark chocolate glaze. I love how shiny the glaze is, it’s just like a mirror – amazing! Although the cake looks rich and dense, but what lies inside is smooth and light chocolate mousse. It’s so beautiful to look at; I can’t bear to destroy it!

We ordered tea to go with the cake, and I had a cappuccino. The cappuccino was a real letdown. It was tiny and 2/3 of the cup was foam! Well, I did not want to be a difficult customer, so I just drank my “foam”.

Overall, the cakes were really good and it’s a nice place for a quiet afternoon tea with the girlfriends. Worth driving all the way from the East? Yes! I’ll be back for the Mont Blanc 🙂

7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791

Operating Hours:
Daily: 12pm – 7pm
Saturday 12pm – 4pm
Closed on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Kki

  1. ms k

    y isnt there any address of kki like the others? (eg: p.s cafe). the instant i read each of your description of the cakes…i’ve decided to try them all tomorrow! *gulp


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