O Christmas Tree


Ever since we got a place of our own, Christmas tree is on the to-buy list. But we did not get to it last year due to the impending wedding then and also we will be spending Christmas in Maldives.

This year we are going to get ourselves one! Not the real one but a fake one. The husband wanted to get a real tree but we think that it’s not practical for Singapore’s climate…we don’t want the tree to wilt before Christmas. Practicality aside, it will be quite cool to have a real tree in the house and to have your house smell like Christmas everyday. Don’t you think so?

Anyway, two weeks ago, we finally got ourselves a Christmas tree!!! A 7 feet tree!! The moment we reached home, we got down to some serious business..we are being very impatient 😛 We kept the decorations minimum with some golden ornaments and LED lights. We didn’t want to over embellished our tree and we put on a red star to complete it 🙂 We are very pleased with how it looks and we spent the whole night admiring it!! Haha


We had so much fun putting up the tree and decorating it together. But I dread to think when it’s time to pack up the tree.


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