I Laid My Hands On MacarOns

So, macarons. The fickle, moody, uncooperative  footed French cookies had me fixated lately. They have been extremely intimidating and it was the challenge itself that made me start obsessing with them.  These finicky french cookies only requires a few ingredients and yet there are so much rooms for failure. They are all about precision, precision and precision!

There are plenty of recipes out there and I don’t remember how many articles I’ve read to prep myself for this daunting task. If you are a regular on food blog, you’ve most likely seen many of them. My favorite is Tartelette and The Pleasure Monger, they make gorgeous looking macarons. Unfortunately, mine are not 😦 Another blog which kept me motivated on macarons making is Lady J from Lady J’s Musings. I have been following her macarons adventures closely, from her first attempt to the Halloween macarons, which were lovely.

My first venture into macarons were last year. I tried making them once and I failed terribly 😦  Needless to say, I gave up. But recently, the macarons fever hit and I tried making them again. The first few attempts were a disaster- over mixed, under mixed, feetless, grainy texture, craked, anything that can happen, happened to me before 😦 and they went to the bin. I honestly feel bad about wasting food but no one is going to eat it, therefore I shall feed the bin. Despite trying so many times, there were only twice that I almost succeeded. It is a happy moment to see feet forming and most importantly it retains its shape when you bring them out from the oven. If they collapse on you…your confidence level just go crushing to the ground.

Attempt #1:  Chocolate macarons with dark chocolate ganache. As you can see from the picture, it did not turn out well, it’s grainy and under-mixed. I was a bit lazy this time and I did not sift the almond meal, thus the grainy texture.
Lesson learnt: Don’t be lazy. Sift the almond meal!!

Attempt #2: Coffee macarons with chocolate-coffee filling. The shells are dull, porous and have peaks. It is due to under-mixing (again). Arghh..I can never get the mixing right. This batch also yielded lopsided shells. Reasons being, the oven was too hot or I placed the pan in an uneven surface when resting. Looks aside, they were actually quite yummy 🙂
Lesson learnt: Do not under mix and look for a flat surface!!

These two attempts were by far the most okay ones 🙂 The husband brought them to work and his colleagues liked them (I think). There was not adverse comments so I take that as a compliments but I know there are rooms for improvement.
Okay,that’s all for now. I think I’m starting to get the methods right and I thoroughly enjoy making them. There will definitely be many more macarons adventures in the kitchen 🙂 Stay tune! 


2 thoughts on “I Laid My Hands On MacarOns

  1. Lady J

    The coffee macarons sounds delish and I’m sure they taste good. I totally understand about the confidence levels and how it just comes crushing down. Even after many attempts, my macarons don’t always turn out well but I blame it on my lack of precision. I’m bad at sticking to instructions.

    As for you, I’m sure with practice, your macarons will turn out looking PERFECT in no time! 🙂


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