{A Few} LONDON Snaps

I fell in love with London many years ago and I still love it, very very much. The same goes for the husband. We would move to London if we could. But at the moment it will be just a thought. I’ve been to London many many times but it never bores me 🙂 Here are some pictures of my recent trip..

place for my daily cuppa

lunch at Gold Mine – a must! (prefer here than 4 Seasons)

retail therapy?

afternoon tea at Paul’s 

dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen with Lee

visit the lil’ rascal 

I wish I have more photos about London (real London) and not food photos! But then, that’s basically what i do when I’m in London especially if I meet up with my friend, Lee. Every time when I’m with her, it’s always about food, food and  food!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “{A Few} LONDON Snaps

  1. Lady J

    Ooh.. what’s good at Gold Mine? Went to Four Seasons on our last trip to London and loved the duck, well, probably because we were REALLY deprived of some good duck in Geneva… Is Gold Mine close to Four Seasons? 😉

    1. e Post author

      Gold Mine is at Bayswater. Few doors away from Four Season. Food wise are almost the same but they fare better in service.


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